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Xiaomi Mi Pocket WiFi USB Router/Adapter Setup Guide in English

The Mini USB Router made by Xiaomi is a tiny little USB dongle which can create a Wi-Fi hotspot. The dongle sucks internet data from the PC and disperses it in the form of Wi-Fi network. You can then connect any WiFi enabled device to this network and access internet. All it needs is a free USB port on an internet-connected desktop or laptop computer.

You can also use the Mini USB Router as a Wi-Fi Adapter to connect your PC/Laptop to Wi-Fi. So, if your desktop does not have a WLAN card, you can use the Mi Mini USB Router to connect it to Wi-Fi networks. You can also use it on a laptop if its WLAN card is not functioning.

The only hard thing about setting the device is that the provided software is in Chinese. However, there’s a small hack to change the language to English. That’s what we will use to set up the USB dongle for your use case – As a WiFi Hotspot or As a WiFi Adapter.

Setup as a WiFi Hotspot (Create WiFi)

Setting up the Mi Pocket WiFi for a quick hotspot is a fairly easy task. All you need to do is install the Mi WiFi software on your PC and then plug-in the USB device. You need to have internet access on the PC via either a LAN port, data card or another WiFi receiver.

  1. Download Mi WiFi software

  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oAToOsipnMEz8AkMuxLIDJLE6mdSjh1y

  3. Install the file by by following the on-screen instructions. Just launch the setup and click the big blue button to install the software & drivers.

  4. Plug in the Mi Pocket WiFi USB device. It will be detected by the system and a default WiFi network will be created. You can then make changes as per your wish.

  5. You can now connect any WiFi enabled device to the network created by the Mi Pocket WiFi. You can also use other options such as block list and speed limiter.